For any inquiries from Egypt, the client must have an official approval from the Egyptian NTRA.

how it works 3

How it works

Simply: The Global Positioning System (GPS Technology) is a satellite navigation/positioning system that provides location and time information anywhere. The device captures the signals of many GPS satellites & sends it via the GSM network to our online system for your map viewing.

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why we different

What makes us different

By hot weather, start the car’s engine & the air condition using your mobile or internet and define how long you want that the A/C works for you before you leave your office.. Just send "AC ON" from your mobile.
In case of a car’s stealth, we’ll keep calling you to take an action. Further, we can call anyone you want, like the safety team in your building. And all the
calls are recorded for later investigation if you wish.

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randomRegardless of the system (Web, Mobile, Desktop), we offer full software customizations based on our in house fully developed system, which enable us to meet any requirements you may need. For example: For "Alhabtour Group" in Dubai, we've integrated our system to monitor more than 500 buses & feed their data into the local ERP/accounting system from the whole group. Our dedicated hardware R&D team is waiting for any challenges. And to have an overview about our tasks, kindly take a look on our Schools, Taxi & all of our specialized solutions.

It is a fully new customized solution for Taxi owners to save daily losses. It includes sensors under all seats combined with the Taximeter, to discover prober occupation. The management/owner will be prompt alerted with many details, like on which seats sat the guest, when the driver didn't started the taximeter, the point of the start/end of the trip & when it was that.In addition, we guarantee full reports about each trip, not only regarding the taximeter deployment, but also regarding the fuel consuming/theft, the style of driving & the non-compliance with traffic rules. And for our Islamic region, we offer parents secured trips for their child. It can be fully monitored from any part after approval from the taxi management.

Save millions of wasted (stolen) Dollars, using our high-quality industrial fuel sensors, which can be installed in all oil tankers, in order to monitor simultaneously the oil level with an accuracy of 0.1%. You can rely on our technology to get deep & accurate details about each trip. We also do care about the thermal dilation of oil volume, and give detailed re-calculations.For sure: Zero liter can be stolen before reaching the discharge station.

Specially for Kindergartens & primary schools we’ve developed an alerting system, which send prompt automated call or sms on the parents mobile, to notify that the bus is very close to home. The parent can define the distance needed to be alerting on. This way the total time needed can be drastically shorten. Not only that, but it brings more safety as well.
And for your kid we offer the new GPS wristwatch, and you’ll be able to track him anytime, anywhere. A “SOS” button is included, so he can push it to send an automatically SMS to the parents with the accurate position.