For any inquiries from Egypt, the client must have an official approval from the Egyptian NTRA.
Add Ons


  • LCD Screen: Message exchange between driver & control centre with 2-way voice communication.
  • Password Keypad (driver identification) + Passive RFID card reader.
  • CCD Camera in various resolutions and formats (can be hidden).
  • Barcode Reader (infrared RS 232 Com/TTL Port).
  • Engine Control Circuit (power on/off).
  • Air Condition Control Circuit (power on/off).
  • 5” & 6” LCD Screen for Control & Entertainment.


  • Fuel sensors in various versions for different tasks (high precision: 0.1%).
  • Temperature sensor. (from-55  to +125℃)
  • Tire pressure sensor.
  • Vibration sensor.
  • Door/Window sensor.
  • Drum rotation speed/direction sensor.
  • Taximeter & seat sensor.
  • Passenger counting sensor.