For any inquiries from Egypt, the client must have an official approval from the Egyptian NTRA.
Online GSM Control

Devices 6



  • Smart home control
  • Home and business monitoring & security
  • Remote controlling industrial facilities & machines



  • No GPS module  doesn’t need any approval in ALL countries
  • Standard installation (known by most technicians)
  • Water Proof
  • ADD ONs: Camera, dispatch screen, barcode reader, etc…
  • 1 Year Warranty



  • CE certification
  • ROHS conformance
  • Made in Germany



  • Start/Stop any machine/device
  • Fuel cut off by vehicle stealth
  • Photo capturing on demand
  • Motion detection sensor
  • Live speed control
  • Accurate sensing and data measurement + forwarding to the control room
  • Complex applications are applicable


Vehicle Reports:

  • Trip start & stop
  • Over speed
  • Seat belt unfasten
  • Temperature change


Other Reports:

  • Fully customizable according to the client’s needs