For any inquiries from Egypt, the client must have an official approval from the Egyptian NTRA.
China Standard

Standard Tracker


  • Advanced installation (the additional options need to be installed by our technicians)
  • Monitoring Control via web & mobile phone & call center (optional)
  • Inquiry for the current address with real street name
  • Panic button (SOS)
  • ADD ONs: Camera, dispatch screen, barcode reader, RFID, Password Keypad, ..etc.


Functions :

  • Mobile phone/internet location and tracking
  • Geo-fencing (64 zones)
  • Hot spot (64 zones)
  • Mileage statistics
  • Oil cut off
  • Triggering Emergency Alarm
  • Remotely listen-in


Specifications :

Quad Band 850MHz, 900MHz,1800MHz,1900MHz
GPS Chip SiRF III / U-Blox
Data-Transfer SMS,GPRS (APN: downlink transfer: 85.6 kbps, uplink transfer: 42.8 kbps)
GSM/GPRS Module SIM340 (USSD support)
GSM Sensitivity -104dBm
Real time clock Implemented
Timer function Programmable via AT command
GPS Sensitivity -159 dBm
GPS Channels 20
GPS Accuracy +/- 10 m
Maximum Velocity <515 meter/second
Maximum Acceleration <4G
Flash 4 Mbit
Domain name support Yes
Blind area data uploading Yes
History storage 43200 pcs
GPS antenna open/short detection Yes
Automatic self-check, recovery & protection Yes
Inputs 6 (4 high + 2 low level trigger) + 1 analog + 1 pulse trigger
Outputs 5 <500mA
Backup Battery 8.4V/400mAh NI-MH
Voltage Range DC10V-36V
Working Power <100mA
Standby Power <15mA
Working Temperature -25 oC to +70 oC
Storage Temperature -40 oC to +80 oC
Length 100mm
Width 70mm
Height 25mm
Weight 650 g


Alarms, Alerts & Reports:

  • Power cut off
  • Movement (Tow)
  • Over speed
  • GPS antenna open
  • Entering/exiting Geo-fence
  • Entering/exiting Hot Spot
  • Fatigue driving
  • Harsh braking
  • Seat belt unfasten
  • Illegal door-opening
  • Illegal ignition
  • Backup battery start
  • Fuel level change
  • Extended fuel level change
  • Deviation from the route
  • Temperature change